Brad Borrelli’s Bio

 This is the place where you can really get to know me.

 I live in Atlanta Georgia where it’s hot almost all year long! When I was In high School is when I decided for sure I was going to be a Porn Star, No matter what I would make it happen. I tried a few “normal” jobs here and there but decided it wasn’t really for me.

     I’m  5’9″, 160 Lbs,  8 1/2″ Cock, 10 shoe size, short Brown hair, 1 tattoo (cover-up), 8 body piercings (these are the ones that I were all the time – Prince Albert,Nipples,Ears. Snakebites, right Eyebrow (still still wear some occasionally in these). I Love Watching TV and Movies. I really enjoy Comedy, Horror, Documentary’s, Engineering and Science show or anything you can learn something about.I like going to the beach and swimming, Camping, Off Roading, Snowmobiling, Boating, Hunting an fishing.  Everyone likes food, Me being Italian I absolutely love to cook and chow down. I like all kinds of different dishes and love trying new things. You never know if you will like it until you have tried it!

     I’m that Boy-Next-Door type. It takes me some time to open up to anybody, but I have a great sense of humor and love to have fun. I also know when it’s time to be serious and do my work. I like to go to  concerts and conventions, visit new places, sight seeing, I’m pretty much down for anything; I’m Very easy to please and have a great time with.

     Now to the good stuff. Sex! Everyone loves getting off, I know I do. Living life without Having an Orgasm wouldn’t be worth it. Being able to release all that built up tension is so freeing. I don’t really have just one favorite position, I’m greedy and love them all! I’m a switch but I’m a lot more dominant and love being in control. Getting her off is what gets me off, It’s so hot watching her in absolute ecstasy working up to multiple orgasms. I am very kinky as well, I love trying out new things, The more taboo and naughty it is the better!

     I create my own content and work with other Pro-Am Studios. I’ve done mainstream but it wasn’t for me, Didn’t really like it at all. I don’t like how fake it is that’s why I absolutely love Pro Amateur Porn. I’m also a Gigolo for those that prefer In Person Companionship!

     My fans love having me create custom videos catering to their specific fetish. I absolutely love making custom movies, They are a lot of fun! Making your fantasy come to life and turning you on is my favorite thing. You get to be the director to your own film staring me! There are always crazy clip requests which is so cool! Hearing all of these ideas and looking at thing with a different perspective is so interesting to me. I don’t Fetish Shame at all, Everyone has some sort of niche that gets them off! I want everyone that comes to my site to know that you are not judged here. This is a place of sexual freedom and I want you to have the best experience with me as possible.