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looking to buy my underwear? Shirts, socks, boxers, briefs, jocks, replica cock, and other naughty things?

**All prices are in UNITED STATES Dollars (USD)

All major cards accepted.

I do take requests for other things also. I’m very open to new ideas so don’t be shy. Name what you want and I’ll be happy to provide customized service based on your needs. I will do my very best to look after you and satisfy your dirty desires.

I am based in the USA but I will ship worldwide* as long as it is legal in your country. All Items are shipped in a sealed bag to maintain maximum sweetness.

*Within USA

Standard Shipping – 5 to 6 Business Days – Keen to pay extra for Express Delivery, Signature Delivery or both? Drop me a line and let me know.


Please note I don’t ship any wet items internationally. International shipping does cost a lot more. Just depends what country you are in.

In order to save time please include the following in your initial email/message:
What you would like from me – include specific details.
Your budget per item desired.
If you are able to pay by card or not. (Other options for payment may be available at the time.)

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