Business Meeting Gone Wrong

Brad and Bliss are business men preparing for a presentation. We are dressed in shirts and ties and come into the room to get ready. We start joking about this place being a little creepy and how it’s a weird place to meet your new clients.

Bliss heads to go get supplies and when he comes back on he is just in his underwear, undershirt, boxers, dress socks. He doesn’t notice and carries on as normal. Brad sees him and start laughing and joke “Nice boxers Dude” Bliss is confused and doesn’t know what you mean until he looks down and is shocked to see he isn’t dressed. “Yipes, I’m in my underwear” he screams all embarrassed and panicky. He doesn’t know what happened to his clothes and uses his hands to cover up. He stutters around completely embarrassed and doesn’t know what to do and is just looking like a complete fool. All the while Brad is pointing and laughing and can’t help but make fun of him.

Bliss begs you to go check if his clothes are in the back room and you finally agree to go look. Brad heads out to go find bliss’s clothes, while Bliss stays on still looking embarrassed. Brad comes back and tells Bliss his clothes aren’t back there but now Brad is also in nothing but your underwear (undershirt, boxers, dress socks) and don’t realize it yet. Bliss seeing Brad in the same state starts to feel better and forgets about his embarrassment to make fun of Brad as payback.

He laughs and comments “cute undies dude” “your mom buy you those Brad.” When Brad realize He’s also in his underwear he freaks out and cover up, embarrassed.

Brad remind Bliss he is in his underwear too and he gets embarrassed again. Both of us are standing there trying to cover up wondering what you are going to do, and that soon this room will be filled with people and you both are in nothing but your underwear.

One of us has an idea that if we both go to the back room maybe our clothes will reappear since that’s where this all happened.

We go looking for our clothes and once we come back to the business room we are still in our underwear. But this time we are tied up and gagged. Our ankles are tied together and hands tied behind our backs with rope around our chests, Gagged with one of our socks. We stand facing each other muffling and struggling to be freed. Trying to say how embarrassing this is when suddenly….

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