Meeting With The Boss

Brad is wearing very tight dress pants and a dress shirt in the middle of a presentation, During the pitch, he drops a pen and bends over to pick it up with his back to everyone. That’s when his pants split wide open, exposing his smooth ass and hole to everyone. He looks behind him still bent over to notice his now exposed smooth ass because the pants were so tight they aren’t hiding anything now.

All the employees start laughing at his predicament. Brad Still goes on with his presentation fumbling through the rest of the pitch fighting but failing to cover his exposed ass.

Lick My Ass

I love when my ass is worshiped and licked. You have no problem shoving your face in my ass licking my tight asshole. I even stretch out my hole while your licking it.

Jockstrap Asshole

I walk into your room and see you laying down. I stand right over your face and start jacking my dick. I notice how horny it’s making you that I’m in my jockstrap so I start doing squats spreading my asshole for you.

Face Sitting (webcam)

We are doing a cam show when we were tipped to have Dakota Charms sit on Adam Savage and Brad Borrelli’s Face. Dakota sits right on Brads nose and mouth so he cant breath. He ends up holding his breath for quite some time.

Nude Ass Smacking Brad and Mr Bliss

Brad and Bliss had so much fun last time spanking each other we decided we needed another spanking session. This time we are nude! Brads up first to get spanked. Bliss goes a little soft on him at first, that is until brad ends up licking his hand and making it wet while bliss isn’t looking, in order to make it stink more when spanked. ‘ when all the fun starts to happen. Boys are getting really rough with the spanking. So rough no one is willing to get up to shit the camera off at the end, in fear of our ass getting smacked really hard. (we saved the blooper real for you at the end!)

Show off our Ass to you Fags

Brad Borrelli and Mr Bliss are butt naked showing off our hot ass to you. Cum watch us try to twerk for you. Our balls swing back and forth and our ass jiggle. We also admire our own butts and rub them for you.