Hostile Takeover

The camera starts on Bliss’ face as he talks about how horrible Brad’s site is. Bliss backs away from the camera to reveal Brad Borrelli bound, gagged and barefoot on the floor. Mr. Bliss has decided to take over Brad’s website and his gigolo business for himself. Mr. Bliss walks over to Brad and proceeds to talk smack about how Brad runs his business, how Brad runs his site, how Mr. Bliss could (and will) take all of Brad’s fans. Bliss proceeds to flex and make fun of Brad’s physique. He then tickles Brad’s feet and makes fun of how ticklish Brad is, and how a “real man” wouldn’t be so ticklish on his feet. Bliss pours honey on Brad’s face and hair, gives him wet willies, ruffles his hair and makes fun of him.

My Sisters Panties

My sister catches me rubbing her dirty worn panties all over my cock and sniffing them. I’m so nervous she’s gonna tell mom and dad. I finally talk her out of telling on me. She ends up tying me up with her panties and starts taking pictures to post all over social media.

Dakota Charms Measures Brad Borrelli and his Brothers Cock

Brad and his brother are arguing about who is going to do the chores when their sister Dakota charms walks in and they try to get her to do the chores. Dakota has been really curious about cock sizes since she seen dad in the shower.

Dakota talks them into pulling down their pants and exposing there dicks. (the brothers thought she would end up doing the house chores in exchange) she then pulls out a measuring tape to see how big there dicks are. When she sees how small we are she starts making fun of the size of them.