Tickle Competition

Bliss and Brad have a tickle competition to see who the best tickler is. They flip a coin to see who gets tickled first. They each tickle the other for 5 minutes, and the after the winner is decided the winner gets to tickle the loser for the final 5 minutes while also bragging that he’s the best tickler. 
Rules: Each tickler gets to tickle for 5 minutes, and the when the tickler says “I surrender” that means the tickler wins. The tickler with the lowest time (meaning he tickled so well that the tickle victim couldn’t stand it) wins. In the event that both Bliss and Brad complete the 5 minutes, the winner will be judged via the following criteria, the tickler who gets voted the two out of these three criteria wins.
1. Tickle Technique: Tickle technique is based off of how well you can make your victim squirm and laugh. You each have tickled each other before, so you know each others weaknesses. Paying special attention to the weak points of a tickle victim is important. Going after the knees, the thighs, using pressure points to your advantage, are all great forms of technique.
2. Verbal Domination: Being able to verbally taunt your victim is the sign of a great tickler. It’s good to physically dominate the victim through tickling, but to psychologically dominate them through words is also important. It’s also a good way to through the competition off their game.
3. Creativity: Don’t be afraid to experiment. The object is to make the victim surrender, so using crazy ideas would be in your favor. Example, the use of baby oil and electric toothbrushes are a nice combination. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and bring in any tool you think might torment the other the most. Also don’t be afraid to take a step outside of tickling, for instance, you could Wet-Willie the victim while tickling him, perhaps use itching powder in certain places to add another dimension to the torture.
Now, you and Bliss are going have to determine which of you two best exemplifies these traits and gets the point, but: 

After our tickle game we spend the last 5 minutes chilling and talking about our tickling techniques that we used against each other.


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