Super Bliss Weakness

Brad Borrelli may moonlight as an average gigolo, but really, he’s one of the greatest villains Atlanta has ever seen. And he’s finally found his Super hero foe’s (Super Bliss)’s greatest weakness: tickling. When Super Bliss arrives to Brad’s apartment to take him to jail, Brad ambushes the hero and knocks him out. Super Bliss awakens to being tied to a chair, his feet propped up and barefoot. With Bliss’ own sweaty socks tied tightly around the hero’s mouth. Brad has been waiting for this moment for a long time, and has developed the perfect tickle techniques to keep Bliss helpless. Brad applies baby oil to both of Bliss’ feet, and then ties Bliss two big toes together tightly to keep his feet trapped.  Brad then proceeds to tickle Bliss’ feet with his hands, a hairbrush, and finally an electric tooth brush. Of course, Brad tickles the ribs, the thighs and all over. Brad teases and taunts, and laughs, finally defeating the hero who has always gotten in his way. There’s nothing Bliss can do to stop Brad the Bliss can only laugh helplessly as he squirms and struggles against Brad’s evil.
Finally, to keep Bliss from escaping, Brad takes his electric toothbrush and tapes it to Bliss’ feet. And then he takes a second electric toothbrush and shoves it into the hero’s jockstrap. Brad leaves the room, laughing evilly as Bliss can only stare helpless and laugh through his sock gag.

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