The Jock Catcher 

Brad took a new job bar tending a few months ago and has become very popular with the ladies due to his good looks and his ‘bad boy’ persona. Although the bar owner is thrilled with all the new business Brad is bringing in and the ladies can’t get enough of him, the bar’s male patrons are dismayed by the unwanted ‘competition’ for the ladies’ attention. Out of frustration, they take this problem to a fellow patron known in some circles as ‘The Catcher’, whom they enlist to teach Brad a lesson….

It’s the middle of the night, and after a legendary night at work Brad heads home. Brad enter his house and shortly after the Catcher apprehends Brad. The Catcher handcuffs brad and pushes him on the couch. Seeing the Catcher armed, Brad avoids making any loud noises, never taking eyes off the catcher. Thinking brad can outsmart this masked intruder, Brad plays it cool and try to negotiate with him, offering some of his night’s earnings or something of value. The Catcher doesn’t want any of that…. The catcher approaches Brad with the mask and put it on. Brad has no idea what is happening and what the mask is going to do.The catcher steps out of the room, That’s when Brad attempts to escape without making too much noise. Before too long, Brad start to smell something strange coming from the mask, just as the Catcher reenters the room. That’s when Brad realizes he’s in deep trouble now….

The Catcher has transported Brad to an unknown location. Brads undressed you and redressed you in the singlet socking devices and vibrating devices in his cock. The Catcher then ties Brad to a chair, also gagged and blindfolded with duct tape. (The Catchers goal in abducting you is to show you a little lesson in ‘humility’.) Brads getting his cock shocked and vibrated for 10 minutes, on the hour, every hour, for however long it takes Brad to learn his lesson….

This has been ongoing on and off for hours and Brads exhausted. The Catcher subjects Brad to a few more rounds of shocking and vibrations. The Catcher removes Brads blindfold, allowing him to get a first glance at where he is, what you’re wearing, and most of all, the camera positioned right in front of him. The Catcher subjects Brad to more rounds of shocks and vibrations before stepping towards you again and removing the gag. Brad asks the Catcher “what the fuck is going on?” “why he’s doing this”. The Catcher doesn’t answer, he only continues to remotely edge Brad. Brad can’t take it anymore, so as a last effort to maintain his ‘dominance’, Brad simply lower his head and turn away from the Catcher, which he sees as a sign that you’ve learned your lesson. Without saying anything, he fits you with the mask….

Brad wakes up at home again (still in his original clothes) laying on the sofa. At first Brad thinks it was just a dream, but as he start to stand up he realizes something doesn’t feel right. Quickly lifting up his shirt and unbutton his jeans only to realize he’s still wearing the singlet and devices under his clothes. Then he notices his phone sitting next to you on the sofa. Brad notices hes got a ton of messages and his ordeal at the hands of the Catcher real, Multiple videos have been posted online from an untraceable source….

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Length: 36 minutes 

Size: 3124  Mb

Format: MP4

Resolution: 1920×1080

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