Brad Burping In His Underwear

Been practicing on burping louder. I discovered laying down makes it a lot harder to belch. I’m in my underwear drinking soda. There is a bunch of dry and wet burps for you to enjoy.

Scarlets Baby Burps

This sexy redhead is relaxing back on her bed drinking a bunch of soda and trying so hard to burp. Shes got some of the cutest faces while shes belching and right after (like shes so happy that sound came out of her).

She’s definitely adorable laying there in her skirt showing off all her tattoos while shes burping.

Measuring his Loudest Burps

Brad thought it would be pretty cool to see how loud he could burp, So he downloads a decibel reader on his phone.
He sits on his bed, Get the app all set up and tests it out at first to make sure it works.
Brad has some pretty good burps. Each time he belches it makes a different sound.

Burping in the Morning

I just woke up and had to burp but nothing would come out. So I got some soda to drink to help me belch and get the satisfaction that I needed. feels pretty amazing belching out all the built up gas deep down in your stomach. Just the release of the built up pressure is satisfying.

Smoking Hookah and Burping

Bliss and I are hitting our hookah again for you. This time we are drinks soda in order to have some loud deep burps for all you burping lovers. There is nothing better than two hot guys sucking a pipe and blowing huge clouds of smoke out at you and having huge burps.

Eating Pizza on the Couch and Burping

Brad and Bliss are enjoying 2 different types of pizza this time. As we are chowing down some burps slip up. burps are such a relief. I love when I burp really loud. There is a lot of burping at the en of the clip also. Order yourself some pizza, have a seat and eat with us. Don’t forget to get some soda either!

Burping for you

Brad and Bliss are here for you Burp Lovers! We are sitting here belching as much as we can. Some are really really loud, some are small, some are really deep sounding. We even burp the alphabet! Bliss does some yawning also.

Brad and Bliss Eating Hot Sandwiches and Burping

We are starving! As you know guy’s can’t cook and the girls are not home for the night to make us anything. So we make ourselves some Hot Sandwiches with hot sauce. Watch us stick this steamy hot food in our mouth as we chew and swallow. And of course ,we are still guys so there gonna be some Burping and Belching.