Eating a Chicken Sandwich

Brad’s hungry. He just made himself a nice juicy chicken sandwich. He describes to you how it tastes as he is eating his amazing chicken sandwich.

Eating Pizza on the Couch and Burping

Brad and Bliss are enjoying 2 different types of pizza this time. As we are chowing down some burps slip up. burps are such a relief. I love when I burp really loud. There is a lot of burping at the en of the clip also. Order yourself some pizza, have a seat and eat with us. Don’t forget to get some soda either!

Eating Pizza

Brad and Bliss got a Spinach Artichoke pizza that they are enjoying with some hot souse and peppers. So cheesy and greasy. We chit chat back and forth while we devour and stuff our faces with this wonderful tasting pizza!

Eating bananas and Smoking hookah

Brad and bliss love smoking hookah. Whats a better way than incorporate some bananas. use your imagination as we stick the bananas in our mouth ans swallow . We love sticking the hookah pip in our mouth and sucking all the smoke out ad blowing clouds of smoke. we have a glass of soda we are drinking and love watching the smoke settle as we blow it into the glass.

Brad and Bliss Eating Hot Sandwiches and Burping

We are starving! As you know guy’s can’t cook and the girls are not home for the night to make us anything. So we make ourselves some Hot Sandwiches with hot sauce. Watch us stick this steamy hot food in our mouth as we chew and swallow. And of course ,we are still guys so there gonna be some Burping and Belching.