Smoking in our Leather Jackets

Mr Bliss and Brad Borrelli head outside for a smoke break. Its winter time, Kinda chilly out. They both have nice leather jackets they wear to keep warm and also look good still. Come watch as we take deep drags and blow smoke in your face.

Smoking with his Pet Small Person

Brad goes over to the cup he keeps his tiny in. He Pulls the tiny out and places the tiny in his hand and lights up a cig. Brad knows his tiny needs a smoke also, He blows smoke in the tiny’s face. After the tiny gets its nicotine fix, is then forced to lick and worship brad sexy feet before the tiny is placed back in the cup.

Smoking When Roommates Gone

Brad just got home and notices his roommates gone. His roommates hate when he smokes in the house. So when he notices no one is home, So he immediately lights up a cigarette and starts smoking. Brad love smoking in the house relaxing on the couch. Blowing clouds of smoke for you. Taking deep drags while he’s talking to you. Brad strips down to his sexy underwear.

Smoking with a Giant

Brads out on his porch. Thinking what it would be like to be a small person. How you would always have to worry about getting stepped on and how loud everything would be. He lights up a cig and starts smoking, Blowing it in your face.

Smoking Hookah

I believe is one of our first Hookah Clips we have done for you guys. Brad and Bliss are just loaded a bowl in the hookah. And are ready to start blowing big clouds of smoke for you. You can see them rolling towards the camera.

Smoking Hookah and Relaxing

Brad and Mr. Bliss Have the Hookah out again. We got some different shisha this time. The smoke is a lot more thick and white and it taste pretty damn good. Load yourself a bowl and come smoke with us!

Smoking Hookah and Burping

Bliss and I are hitting our hookah again for you. This time we are drinks soda in order to have some loud deep burps for all you burping lovers. There is nothing better than two hot guys sucking a pipe and blowing huge clouds of smoke out at you and having huge burps.

Smoking a Cig after a Long Day

Brad and Bliss have had a really long day and definitely need a cigarette. We Light up our cig and take a deep first drag and let the smoke slowly escape our mouths. Blowing so you can see the beautiful cloud of smoke rolling towards you. We love blowing smoke rings and playing with them as we hold the cig in our hand

Nude Smoking Hookah

Brad and Bliss are naked again for you. We have a hookah in front of us that we love smoking out of. The shisha we are smoking is kinda rough so there is a bunch of coughing going on.