Hookah Party

Brad Borrelli, Jasmin Jai and Mr. Bliss are just chit chatting smoking some hookah, blowing clouds of smoke. We all love blowing smoke rings to. Jasmin is really good at it.

Hookah Bags and Balloons

Bliss and Brad are sucking smoke from the hookah and filling a white shiny trash bag full of smoke. Once the bag is all filled up with smoke we stick the bag between our legs exposing our ass and balls,squeezing our legs tell the bag pops and releases a stream of smoke. Next up we are filling up yellow punching balloons full of smoke and we sit on the balloons until they pop.

Eating bananas and Smoking hookah

Brad and bliss love smoking hookah. Whats a better way than incorporate some bananas. use your imagination as we stick the bananas in our mouth ans swallow . We love sticking the hookah pip in our mouth and sucking all the smoke out ad blowing clouds of smoke. we have a glass of soda we are drinking and love watching the smoke settle as we blow it into the glass.

Workout Smoke

You’re addicted to watching sexy men smoke in the gym. Brad Borrelli just got done with a major workout. You hear him light up and take strong, deep, excited pulls from a bold flavored cigarette. His lungs gasping for more smoke. Hot manly lips popping off the filter. You love watching the filter pop off Brads sexy man lips and clouds of smoke barreling out of his mouth towards you. Just don’t let anyone else know about your male smoking fetish addiction.