Playing With and Licking Balloons

Moore Bliss and I have a room full of balloons and have no idea what to do with them. We decide to start playing with them, licking them, making them squeak, squeezing them against our faces. We start bouncing on them making them pop. we finally get tired of it and start making balloon angels with them.

Punching Balloons

Brad and Bliss have Punching Balloons they are blowing up for you. The big colorful balloons take our breath away while blowing them up because they are so big. Once Brad gets his balloon blown up he sticks it in his shirt and Bliss kinda chest bumps him until it pops. The next balloons they blow up they hump them facing each other together until they burst!

Jacking Off with Balloons

I have a little bit of a Balloon Fetish. I just got done blowing a bunch up. The way they light up really turns me on. I pull out my cock and start playing with myself, stroking and rubbing my dick all over the latex. I also love the sound when they pop and how the explosion feels against my skin.

Smoking a Cig and Popping Balloons

Brad Blew up a bunch of balloons just so he can pop the! Brad loves the sound when thy burst. He lights up a cig and starts smoking while he’s laying in the bed of balloons. He takes his cherry and sticks I to the latex and waits for it to burst!

Party Balloons

Brad has to decorate for a party. He has ton of colorful balloons he needs to blow up. He stretches out each neck and puts his lips around the nipple and starts blowing. Brad loves watching the balloons expand. He likes them so much he starts rubbing the blown up balloons all over his cock and starts humping them. He even bounces on balloons with his bare ass while blowing them up.

Hookah Bags and Balloons

Bliss and Brad are sucking smoke from the hookah and filling a white shiny trash bag full of smoke. Once the bag is all filled up with smoke we stick the bag between our legs exposing our ass and balls,squeezing our legs tell the bag pops and releases a stream of smoke. Next up we are filling up yellow punching balloons full of smoke and we sit on the balloons until they pop.

Condom Stuffing

Brad and Bliss still have a bunch of condoms for you guys. We tear open our condom, Wipe all the excess lube from it. We each have a Stuffed Animal, a Cow and a Monkey. The neck of the condom is so tight we have to force the animal inside. Once they are blown up we start to bounce the animal inside of the blown up condom. Brads condom breaks around his stuffed animal and looks like an amniotic sack. Brad has the idea to give birth to it.

Condom Heads

Brad Borrelli and Mr. Bliss are back at it again with those condoms! We love playing with condoms up, We love it so much wed decided to put them over our heads and blow them up! At first the latex is tightly wrapped around out faces before we start blowing them up. Once the condoms start to fill up with air is when the real humor begins. Defiantly a must see clip!

Brad and Bliss Blow up a Giant Red Balloon

Brad and Bliss Got a Huge Red Balloon to blow up together. I mean its Ginormous! We take turns blowing up the balloon. I mean one can’t blow this big of a balloon up by himself or at least its a lot more fun with two people taking turns! Bliss even grabs a huge red ball to play with wile brads taking his turn blowing up the balloon.

Balloon Butt Popping Game

Here is the second part of (Blowing up colorful Balloons for you Looners) The Butt Popping Game . Brad and Bliss tie the balloons to their ass and the other one humps it tell it pops! As they are popping balloons against each other they are talking shit to each other. Bros always have fun in their free time! Come watch us play!