I Have Other Plans

Bliss’s dad owes brad a lot of money from a gambling debt he lost. Brad really wants his money, he makes some plans to go workout with bliss to get him over to his house. Than out of nowhere Brad takes bliss to the ground and starts tying him up and holding him for ransom. Things start getting a little bit out of hand…

I’m Gonna Stomp and Cum On You

Brads a Giant. He’s walking naked in his house and feels something crush beneath his feet. He looks down and notices a huge group of tiny people. Starts stomping and crushing every last one of them.  Picks up the little people in his had and starts stroking his cock with them until he cums all over the rest of the little people.

Buy My Underwear

Brad Has some new underwear for you to buy. He loves showing off his collection for you. Definitely some kinky trousers he has. You can even customize your order with loads of cum!

Scarlet Gets Stuck

Brad walks in looking for his friends and discovers Scarlet stick in the bed. Scarlet has an amazing ass that Brad love to admire. He pretends to try and get her unstuck but he’s really just checking out her ass and beautiful pussy.

Jacking Off with Balloons

I have a little bit of a Balloon Fetish. I just got done blowing a bunch up. The way they light up really turns me on. I pull out my cock and start playing with myself, stroking and rubbing my dick all over the latex. I also love the sound when they pop and how the explosion feels against my skin.

Jackoff in Diaper

I’v always had a Diaper Fetish. The way it feels when i wear them makes my cock rock hard. Couldn’t help myself but rip a hole in them and start stroking my cock and fucking my pocket pussy.

Underwear Show

Brad is showing off his sexy underwear someone bought for him to wear and send back to em. Brad loves showing them off for you. They are sexy and even smell better! Makes you want to buy a pair from me huh 🙂

Getting Walked On

Brad has always wondered what it feels like when someone walks on top of him. He gets his buddy to walk all over brads chest.