Lotion My Feet

Had a long day at work and my feet are killing me! I squirt lots of lotion all over my feet then rub it all the way in. Not forgetting to massage my feet at the same time. I get the tops of my feet and defiantly the bottoms of my feet. After I’m done putting lotion on I start to show off my sexy feet for you and rub them together. It really turns me on showing off my bare feet to you.

Nerd Forced to Worship Feet

Dakota and her Boyfriend are sitting on the couch chating about how big of a loser and nerd her brother Brad is. Adam (Dakota’s jock boyfriend) always beats brad up at school.
Brad walks into the living room and see’s his bully in his house and tells him to leave. Things don’t turn out the way Brad had planned and ends up being forced to worship feet, lick and suck on toes.
Definitely a must watch for you feet lovers!

Dakota Charms Tickles her Brothers Feet

Dakota managed to get both her brothers cuffed together. Now she’s going to have her way with them. Dakota has always fantasized about her brothers feet. She find’s out Brad is really ticklish on the bottom of his feet. The other brother not so much, So she starts smelling and licking them then sucking on both there feet and toes.

Smoking with his Pet Small Person

Brad goes over to the cup he keeps his tiny in. He Pulls the tiny out and places the tiny in his hand and lights up a cig. Brad knows his tiny needs a smoke also, He blows smoke in the tiny’s face. After the tiny gets its nicotine fix, is then forced to lick and worship brad sexy feet before the tiny is placed back in the cup.

Sister Forced to Worship my Feet

Brad gets home from a party walks into the living room where he finds a whip and handcuffs on the couch. Sites down and lights up a cigarette. He notices his sister is hiding spying on him. Brad blackmails her into worshiping his feet. Later on he hears someone else in the house and doesn’t want to get caught…

Getting Walked On

Brad has always wondered what it feels like when someone walks on top of him. He gets his buddy to walk all over brads chest.

Foot Play

Brad and Bliss are home alone and decide to start playing with each others feet. First we start out by rubbing and caressing our own sexy feet before we start rubbing each others feet. Brad is really Ticklish on his feet so Bliss tries to be gentle. You still hear brad giggling a bit when Bliss touches his feet.