Faggots Get Dehumanized

Brad walks in and sees the little faggots are having an orgy right in the middle of his living room. Its so disgusting Brad starts stomping all over the soulless fags. wondering why they cant just like pussy like a real man. In between stomping on these fuckers he rips them up and eats parts of them. Since they are soulless, Brad brings in the water on them like Noah’s flood and they failed to build an ark.

Super Hero Humiliation

Giant Brad Borrelli comes stomping into a city full of people, ready to wreak havoc. He starts stomping around, smashing into them, having a blast and dominating all the bug people.

Then all of the sudden, a superhero comes out of nowhere and tries to defend the bug people. Although the superhero is bigger than all the people, he’s still way too small to put up a fight for Giant Brad. So the giant laughs and goes even harder on the bug people…

Fighting the superhero by squeezing him in a fist, stomping on his face, sitting on him when he’s landed on the ground so he cant breath….

Alien Invasion

Brad find a city of tiny people. The small people catch brads attention. Trying to learn more about these little creatures ,the tiny people start attacking brad trying to stop him. Brad take the little humans as a threat and starts stomping on the little humans ans squishing them, smashing them with his hands. Brads very angry at these little humans, Hes yelling and cussing at them as hes eating them and wiping out thew whole population!

Fuck Your Religion

Brad the giant is walking into his living room when he stumbles on some religious nuts that built a church in his house. He wants nothing to do with these Bible Thumpers. Stomping around the tiny people making them scared while calling the stupid fucks out on there sky god bullshit! 

Decided to prove once and for all that the Sky Fairy doesn’t exist. Tares up the church out of his living room and takes it outside where it belongs.  Now the real fun begins, Here is the real test to see if god is real….. 

Tiny Phone Sex

Autumn is on the phone with her boyfriend having phone sex. Under the door a shrunk man sneaks in to watch her play with her pussy. Autumn is playing with her pussy for while and even cums before she realizes theirs a tiny person spying on her.  She hangs up the phone, Grabs the tiny, talks to him seeing what he’s doing spying on her. She gets her answer than notices he’s really tuned on so she starts fucking her pussy with the little man. 

You Worthless Bitch

You Fucking Punk! You are not worth anything. You tiny bitch, You need to be crushed and stomped on. You like me pulling out my huge pierced cock teasing you. Tiny fuck, you wish you where worthy of this dick! To bad you’re to fucking small to enjoy it!

Two Giants Talk Shit and Step on You

You tiny little bitch! You have entered into Brad Borrelli and Mr. Bliss territory. What we say goes! You little bitch thought you would get away with spying on us, You where way wrong. We love stomping on little tiny losers like yourself. We love Crushing tiny people like yourself with our sneakers!

Smoking with his Pet Small Person

Brad goes over to the cup he keeps his tiny in. He Pulls the tiny out and places the tiny in his hand and lights up a cig. Brad knows his tiny needs a smoke also, He blows smoke in the tiny’s face. After the tiny gets its nicotine fix, is then forced to lick and worship brad sexy feet before the tiny is placed back in the cup.

Smoking with a Giant

Brads out on his porch. Thinking what it would be like to be a small person. How you would always have to worry about getting stepped on and how loud everything would be. He lights up a cig and starts smoking, Blowing it in your face.

Shrinking Stalker

Brads doing a cam show when he notices he has a peeping top watching him threw the glass door. Brad invites the stalker in and gives em a magic potion that makes the stalker shrink. Once the Stalker is shrunk, Brad starts taking off his clothes. Brad keeps acting like he’s going to crush em with his bare feet!