Teaching You How To Tickle

Brad Borrelli is sitting at home, his bare feet propped up and he gives a nice lecture on the best way to tickle. How to tie up properly, which oils to use when it comes to covering feet, how to make them squirm, the best tools to use ect.

Brads Tickling Storys

Just a simple video sitting on the couch with my bare feet propped up. Recalling all my past tickling events and telling you all about them.

Captian America Worshiping Brad Borrelli Part 3

Captain America is still tied to the couch and thanks to the toothbrush duct taped to the bottom of his feet he’s still being tickled. Making Captain America smell Brads dirty feet, Worship them and be brads foot slave ect. To top it all off Brad makes Captain America Pledge Allegiance to Brad’s feet. And of course Brad laughs evilly all while this is happening.

Captain America Brads Revenge Part 2

Brad Makes Cation America wish he never entered brads house and uses every trick in the book to tickle punish him. Capetian America is bound to the couch, His toes tied together with oil all over the bottom of his feet. Brad uses multiple tickle tools to punish Captain America.

Captain America Captures Brad Borrelli Part 1

Captain America has ambushed Brad in his house and tied him up and gagged him with one of his sweaty socks, and blindfolded with the other sock. Captain America knows that Brad has a lot of pull in the criminal underworld and is planning on using him as a bargaining chip. But not before he tickle tortures him for any information he may have on the whereabouts of the Red Skull.

Tickle Competition

Bliss and Brad have a tickle competition to see who the best tickler is. They flip a coin to see who gets tickled first. They each tickle the other for 5 minutes, and the after the winner is decided the winner gets to tickle the loser for the final 5 minutes while also bragging that he’s the best tickler. 

Super Bliss Escape

When we last left our hero, Super Bliss was at the mercy of Brad Borrelli and his evil tickling. When Brad Borrelli awakens, his two big toes are tied together. His legs are strapped down to an ottoman, and his hands are tied securely behind his head. A long sock is tied tightly around his head and between his teeth.
Super Bliss slathers Brad’s feet in baby oil and proceeds to tickle Brad’s feet with his fingers, a hairbrush, and electric toothbrushes. Super Bliss taunts the villain,

Super Bliss Weakness

When Super Bliss arrives to Brad’s apartment to take him to jail, Brad ambushes the hero and knocks him out. Super Bliss awakens to being tied to a chair, his feet propped up and barefoot. With Bliss’ own sweaty socks tied tightly around the hero’s mouth. There’s nothing Bliss can do to stop Brad the Bliss can only laugh helplessly as he squirms and struggles against Brad’s evil.

Finally, to keep Bliss from escaping, Brad takes his electric toothbrush and tapes it to Bliss’ feet. Brad leaves the room, laughing evilly as Bliss can only stare helpless and laugh through his sock gag.

Outlaw foot domination and Sheriffs Revenge

It’s been a few days since Outlaw Bliss has taken the sheriff prisoner. Bliss takes off his boots and socks, and proceeds to shove his feet in Sheriff Brad’s face, talking about all the horrible things the outlaw is going to do now that he controls the town. Outlaw Bliss end up falling asleep and thats when Sheriff Brad strikes back!

Sheriff Gets Tickled

Outlaw Bliss has finally escaped prison and is out for revenge on Sheriff Brad, the man who put him away. Brad hears a knock on the door, When he answers it he see’s that its the man he sent to prison. Bliss ties Brad up and tickle torture him as revenge!