Super Bliss Escape

When we last left our hero, Super Bliss was at the mercy of Brad Borrelli and his evil tickling. Super Bliss manages to escape Brad’s trap (as all superheroes do), ambush the villain and knock him out
When Brad Borrelli awakens, his two big toes are tied together. His legs are strapped down to an ottoman, and his hands are tied securely behind his head. Exposing his armpits, his ribs. stomach, thighs and feet. A long sock is tied tightly around his head and between his teeth. Super Bliss slathers Brad’s feet in baby oil and proceeds to tickle Brad’s feet with his fingers, a hairbrush, and electric toothbrushes.  Super Bliss taunts the villain, telling Brad that his reign of terror has come to an end, and no longer will he be able to spread his evil. Super Bliss proceeds to use every single dirty trick Brad used on him. Attacking Brad’s sides, taunting the him, telling Brad he’s going to be spending the rest of his life in jail for all the evil he’s done. Or perhaps Bliss will just keep Brad all to himself to torture as much as he wants. Bliss tapes an electric toothbrush to Brad’s feet, and then sticks the last toothbrush in his jock strap. 
Super Bliss stands valiantly, and then walks away, laughing heroically as Brad struggles. Brad won’t be going anywhere for a long time, and it will give Super Bliss the perfect amount of time to go through Brad’s lair to uncover any evil schemes.

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Length: 22 minutes 

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Resolution: 1920×1080

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