Bound Tickling

Mr. Bliss and Brad Borrelli just got done filming a custom. Since bliss is already bound he decides he wants to start tickling bliss since he cant do anything about it.  

Brad keeps the camera rolling and starts Tickling, starting from his inner thighs moving all the way up. Hear the struggles and muffles through the ball gag he has in. 

Dakota Charms Tickles her Brothers Feet

Dakota managed to get both her brothers cuffed together. Now she’s going to have her way with them. Dakota has always fantasized about her brothers feet. She find’s out Brad is really ticklish on the bottom of his feet. The other brother not so much, So she starts smelling and licking them then sucking on both there feet and toes.

Mr Bliss Gets Experimented on

Mr. Bliss wakes up in Brads dungeon chained to the wall with a ball gag in. He has no idea whats in store for him. Brad is doing an experiment with some new potion he made…

The solution makes Bliss really angry, Even more angry when he is being tickles and taunted.

Brads Tickle Revenge on Bliss

Brad just got done being tickled so now its Bliss’s turn. Mr. Bliss is restrained, hands cuffed to the bed ans his feet are bound together. Instead if sticking to one spot Brad tickles him everywhere. Then he finds the sweet spot where bliss is really ticklish, almost getting kicked in the face and chest several times!

Bliss tickles Brad Borrelli

Brads hands are bound to the bed and his feet are bound together. Bliss starts tickling Brads knees moving down to his feet where Bliss finds out Brads Really Ticklish there. Brads face is getting so red and he’s laughing so hard trying to ignore the ticking but its too much for him to hold back. Bliss moves up and tickles his stomach and his armpits too!