Daddys Been Thinking About You Babygirl

Brad just gets off work. he decides t o make you a video to watch later since you’re working out of town.

Hes been thinking a lot about your fantasy about getting dominated by 2 guys and how wet it makes you.

Brad takes off his suit while telling you what to do and how to touch yourself. Brad continues to stroke his cock watching you do as your told. Brad then gets on his hands and knees making you lick and play with his asshole whole stroking his throbbing hard cock.

Its feeling so good hes about to cum and tells you to get on your knees like a good girl and cums all over your pretty face.

Little Bitch Watching Me Jerkoff

I make you my little fucking bitch! I make you get on your knees, watching me get undressed. Telling you I’m gonna make you make me get hard. I start stroking my dick, Teasing and Taunting you. Making you wish you where worthy of touching this Big White Cock and making it cum yourself. 
You watching me with that pathetic ass look on your face. That’s all your pathetic ass is worth to me. 

Brad Borrelli Painting Stephie Staar

Stephie Staar has been texting me some lewd pictures. I get all worked up and horny. Cant just invite her over since shes in a completely different state than me. So i start searching for her porn and come across the sexiest picture of her. Couldn’t help myself, My cock was throbbing so hard. Pull my cock out, Start stroking my dick tell i end up cuming all over her picture.

I’m Gonna Stomp and Cum On You

Brads a Giant. He’s walking naked in his house and feels something crush beneath his feet. He looks down and notices a huge group of tiny people. Starts stomping and crushing every last one of them.  Picks up the little people in his had and starts stroking his cock with them until he cums all over the rest of the little people.

Jacking Off With Spunk Lube

I was looking online and found this new lube iv never even heard of before called Spunk. I ordered a bottle to see how I like it.

A couple days passed and i finally got the bottle of spunk in the mail. I go into my room and and get down to business. I Put some of this natural lube all over my cock and start stroking, Working up to a huge cum shot.

Brothers Fuck Doll

I just got home to find that my brother left his fuck doll out in the living room. Still filled up with his Cum! I started thinking about how he fucked it while no one was home and got turned on. I had to see why he even has a sex doll and what all the fuss is about. I look down on the floor and see he even left the bottle of spunk lube out. Now I have no excuse not to fuck it right after him. 

I started stoking my dick, Sticking it in the fuck dolls cunt. Come to find out the dolls pussy is way tighter than my girlfriends. She even gives better head, I can actually shove my cock all the way in her mouth and fuck it as hard as I want without any bitching our hearing that it hurts or any crying n whining.

Got Stood Up

I just got done getting ready for my date. I even shaved my face. I was so excited to see this girl and finally get my dick wet.

About ready to head out the door and my date stood me up. So mad but yet so horny.

I Sit down in the living room. Turned on some porn and had my way with my fuck doll.

Jacking Off with Balloons

I have a little bit of a Balloon Fetish. I just got done blowing a bunch up. The way they light up really turns me on. I pull out my cock and start playing with myself, stroking and rubbing my dick all over the latex. I also love the sound when they pop and how the explosion feels against my skin.

Jackoff in Diaper

I’v always had a Diaper Fetish. The way it feels when i wear them makes my cock rock hard. Couldn’t help myself but rip a hole in them and start stroking my cock and fucking my pocket pussy.