The Jock Catcher

Brad took a new job bar tending a few months ago and has become very popular with the ladies due to his good looks and his ‘bad boy’ persona. Although the bar owner is thrilled with all the new business Brad is bringing in and the ladies can’t get enough of him, the bar’s male patrons are dismayed by the unwanted ‘competition’ for the ladies’ attention. Seeing the Catcher armed, Brad avoids making any loud noises, never taking eyes off the catcher. Brad has no idea what is happening and what the mask is going to do.


Mr. Bliss is showing Brad his tens unit. Brad has never used on before. He was pretty standoffish at first but learned to like it. At first brad sticks it on his stomach just to get the feel of things. Than bliss and brad move the pads to their chest and arms. Later we wanted to see how it feels on out cocks and balls. This part you can’t miss!